IMSERC Announces Two Retirements

The Mass Spectrometry lab in IMSERC  is going through a revamp.  Two of our older ESI instruments (the LC-MSD and LCQ)  are being retired and replaced by two new Bruker AmaZon spectrometers.   These new instruments are Ion Trap Mass analyzers and offer about 3 times better resolution as well as MS/MS capabilities.  Moreover, on one of these new instruments, we will be stepping up chromatography and the possibility of separation, instead of just direct injection.

At the same time the MALDI-ToF instrument (also a Bruker) had its software updated as part of the purchase of the other instruments, using the opportunity provided and the kindness of Bruker engineers who were going to be on-site for the installation of the two AmaZon SL and AmaZon X  Mass Spectrometers.