Training Requests:

IMSERC has online pre-training materials for each area.  To request training, obtain information on the instruments and take the pretraining quiz (NMR only) go to:

General Training

New users should have samples ready for analysis when requesting training.  Most instruments have training sessions once a week.  Users will typically receive limited access after the first training session.  For example, mass spectrometry users will receive day time access only and NMR users will receive access for a limited number of instruments/experiments.  After new users have 5-10 hours of experimenting, users are expected to schedule a followup session where details related to individual experiments can be covered.  At this point, additional access to equipment is granted.


X-Ray Crystallography

Hands-on training for X-Ray diffractomers is typically performed only after students have completed the X-Ray crystallography class, which is taught in the winter quarter.  Contact an X-Ray staff member before requesting training.