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74 Need more IPA for cleaning Optical Other

need more IPA for cleaning

Kailong jin Closed View
73 FTIR-ATR Not in Operation Optical Other

I noticed several problems when coming to use the FTIR this evening. #1 the ATR was not put back where it belonged and the crystal was dirty. #2 when i put the ATR back into the instrument and then chose to load the MIR_ATR file, the signal was much lower than normal (barely 6000). In addition, the software will not take background. After it finishes all the background scans the following error shows up: “Advanced Measurement: Peak location out of range, please save peak position: -313 Measurement file not found.” You cannot chose to load a saved background either. You cannot run any sample scans.

Emily Leitsch Fixed View
69 FTIR Dirty Optical Data Quality

FTIR was left very dirty. Red sticky compound around crystal and platform. Tried to clean.

Ryan McClure Fixed View
48 gc-ms dropped sample Mass Spec Hardware

This is not reproducible yet but I did have the gc-ms drop a sample when it was retrieving it from the autosampler.

Stephen Closed View
49 GC-TOF Failure to Switch Filament On Mass Spec Hardware

instrument begins in standby mode, when attempting to run a sample instrument gives “failure to switch filament on” message.

Casey Stephenson Closed View
70 FTIR Optical Other

We are out of cotton swabs and low on IPA

Liz Dhulst Fixed View
72 NUcore server is down Other Software

sever is not responding, could not do reservation and login

Ferdinand Melkonyan Fixed View
71 AmazonSL: cannot switch on HCT/esquire Mass Spec Hardware

When I try to switch the HCT/esquire from standby to operate, I get an error message (in a new window on the computer) and the experiment cannot be started. The status light on the front of the mass spec has yellow illuminated solid and red flashing.

Noah Horwitz Fixed View
68 Captcha not working Other Software

The captcah isn’t working. This is a test of that.

Could not reproduce.

Amy Closed View
39 MALDI – incomplete docking? Mass Spec Hardware

opening sample compartment required twice hitting eject button (once on machine, once in software). same issue with loading the sample.

Katie Mauck Closed View
ID Title Area Type Description Reporter Status Comments Edit