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ID Title Area Type Description Reporter Status Comments Edit
66 Error in Sulfur calibration curve ICP Data Quality

I was running Sulfur standards, but the calibration failed just like previous time.

Sanjiban Chakraborty Fixed View
67 Need to inform other users of issue NMR Other

This Saturday, there was maintenance going on in the NMR part of IMSERC while I was using the I500. I was asked to move as someone was up in a cherry picker at the ceiling and didn’t want me under them. They allowed me to finish, but I didn’t have a way to inform other users that the I500 was unavailable for a little bit, like we used to be able to with FOM. I tried to submit a bug report, but the captcha wasn’t working. I don’t think it’s safe for people to try to use an instrument with that kind of construction going on, but had no way to inform other students of that.

Victoria Weidner Closed View
65 Sulfur calibration curve for detection of sulfur in ICP-AES giving erroneous results ICP Data Quality

I was trying to quantify sulfur in my compound and for that I was running sulfur standards to get a calibration curve. But the error was over 100% each time. Couldn’t get a nice calibration curve, this happened to me a week before also.

Sanjiban Chakraborty Fixed View
64 ICP Torch Broken ICP Other

When attempting in rinse ICP torch due to build up, the torch was broken.

Instrument down until fixed

Zachary Meinhart Fixed View
60 MALDI not working Other Data Quality

Andy and Habibi, I am talking with Ryan Thaner right now and testing out this bug-reporting app.

Ryan told me that the MALDI needs really high laser power with low signal intensity. he has been down the facility a couple of times but did not see anyone so he circle the “laser power” issue in the logbook a few days ago. Can you follow through/track whether the issue is resolved. Ryan told me that a few people in the MIrkin group have also been complaining to him but it was not clear if they ever log into the issue reporting system. IAE, this means that IMSERC needs to reach out more to users.

BTW, the captcha thing is annoying and there is no reason I should need to enter my email address twice. Pl.s make it easier for users to use. I also should not need to enter my full phone number. “Campus Phone Number ” means a 5-digit number.

SonBinh Nguyen Closed View
57 Out of cleaning q-tips Optical Other

Out of cotton Q-tips for cleaning ATR crystal. I bring my own, but I am sure other users do not. There appeared to be paper towels out, hopefully nobody used them on the crystal. I checked out the crystal the signal seems good and the crystal itself also looks normal.

Emily Leitsch Fixed View
62 Hg400 Lock/Shimming Problems NMR Hardware

The spectrometer is not locking onto the lock solvent or onto any sample. I, along with another postdoc both had this problem on the instrument.

Keith Hermann Closed View
59 imserc folder and file access NMR Software

I’m trying to access imsercdata.northwestern.edu\nmr_rt\ag500\Silverman\tad188

Says folder is no longer available. Basically the computer just thinks for a little while and comes up with an error.

Timothy Dwight Fixed View
63 I500 Won’t Respond NMR Software

Person before me aborted their experiment and when I got on the program would not respond. I can input commands, but nothing occurs (i.e. I have inputted “e” to eject the sample and the sample never comes out).

Marvin Vega Fixed View
54 Front inlet flow shutdown Mass Spec Hardware

I got a front inlet flow shutdown error about halfway through my weekend run.

Stephen Fixed View
ID Title Area Type Description Reporter Status Comments Edit