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ID Title Area Type Description Reporter Status Comments Edit
37 Cambridge Database does not run on Mavericks X-Ray Software

Cambridge Database software installs but does not run under Mavericks.

Amy Fixed View
33 Not able to submit samples on Au400 NMR Software

When a user logged in, he/she were not able to submit samples, because
• the toggle overview of slot numbers was not shown up on screen, and
• in the StudyQ panel, it was only showing Foreground Run (not automation DayQ or NightQ options).

Yuyang Wu Fixed View
29 Shimming Failed NMR Data Quality

I submitted it once and it said it failed to lock so I resubmitted the sample. I got data this time but the shimming still failed and the results are not clear. The sample is KZ-1-105, which is located on the AG500 in holder 47 right now

Kevin Zhao Fixed View
31 I-500 slow response NMR Software

There is a delay time between [the submission of a comment] and [the excution of the comment by the software].

Yi-Lin Wu Fixed View
32 Forms don’t work with google chrome Other Software

When trying to fill out form using google chrome, the form never uploads or returns a form with the Project ID filled in. Works in IMSERC, but not in my own computer.

Andy Fixed View
24 Filter doesn’t work X-Ray Other

The filter function isn’t working

Amy Open View
ID Title Area Type Description Reporter Status Comments Edit