Commercial Services

Commercial Services

IMSERC provides tailored services to meet individual needs.  For small jobs, IMSERC will will provide a statement of work and invoice after work is approved.  Currently, IMSERC accepts payment by check made out to “Northwestern University” and sent to the IMSERC Director.  IMSERC plans to be able to accept credit cards starting in May 2016.  Please wait until work is confirmed to send samples.  Examples of available reports are here:

IMSERC respects needs of confidentiality and intellectual properties of companies and can either send rate directly to users or saved to a secure central file server where users can access data remotely through password protected accounts.  Companies needing formal contracts can use standard contacts developed by NU Legal with no minimum charge.  The standard contract is located here and an overview of NU policies regarding commercial use can be found at the “NU Shared and Core Facilities Website”.  Turn around time for a standard contract is approximately one week.  Users with special requirements can negotiate a separate contract with a $1,500 minimum project.  Turn around time is typically 3 weeks.

Users visiting to complete analyses must complete sign a waiver of liability which can be found at:  .  Users wishing to perform their own analyses should contact the IMSERC Director in order to set up user accounts needed to reserve time on the instruments and access data.


Commercial Services

GeneralConsulting$200 /hr
GeneralUnattended Instrument Usage$100 /hr
GeneralSelf-Run Instrument UsageCharge
NMR - 500 MHz*Sample PrepIncluded (CDCl3 / MeOD)Variable surcharge for other solvents
NMR - 500 MHz*Full structure Elucidation / Assignment Report$500 /sampleMust provide proposed structure
NMR - 500 MHz*1D Proton and Carbon$135 /sampleIncludes Predicted Spectrum if structure provided
NMR - 500 MHz*1D Proton$50/ sample
NMR - 500 MHz*1D Carbon$100 /sampleIncludes Predicted Spectrum if structure provided
NMR - 500 MHz*Structure Verification Battery (H1$280 /sampleIncludes Predicted Spectrum if structure provided
NMR - 500 MHz*2D H1-C13 HSQC$50/ sampleIncludes Predicted Spectrum if structure provided
NMR - 500 MHz*2D H1-H1 COSY$50 /sample
NMR - 500 MHz*2D H1-C13 HMBC$100 /sample
NMR - 500 MHz*2D H1-H1 NOESY$200 /sample
NMR - 500 MHz*Sample ReturnShipping costSample returned in solvent
NMR - 500 MHz2D DOSY$100 /sample
Mass SpectrometryPurity Analysis / LUM Reprot$200 / sample
Mass SpectrometryHRMS$100/ sample
Mass SpectrometryLC or GC MS$150/ sample
X-Ray Single CrystalData Collection (Mo or Cu Radiation)$675 /sample
X-Ray Single CrystalFull Report$675 /sample


*NMR rates based on 20 mg sample and assumes solubility testing has been completed.

If you require a service not shown, contact the IMSERC Director for a quote.