CHN Analysis

Combustion Analysis: Elementar Vario-El Cube

CHNS web page photo1Elementar Vario EL Cube combustion analysis provides a bulk measurement of compound stoichiometry or quantitative determination of organic content in environmental samples.  The analytical method is based on the complete and instantaneous oxidation of the sample by “flash combustion”, which converts all organic and inorganic substances into combustion products. The resulting combustion gases pass through a reduction furnace and are swept into the chromatographic column by the carrier gas (helium), where they are separated and detected by a thermal conductivity detector (TCD), which gives an output signal proportional to the concentration of the individual components of the mixture.

Sample analysis is performed by staff on a fee for service basis.  You should submit 10 mg of dry sample in a glass screw top vial (for easy removal of sample with a spatula).  Please fill out the order form and if you have any questions or special requests, contact IMSERC staff.