This is an open access time-of-flight GC mass spectrometer. Unknown compounds in a mixture can be identified using the NIST library of spectra.  This instrument is ideal for quantitating known compounds in complex mixtures. The mass range is limited to 800 Daltons.



Inlet: Agilent 6890 GC

Analyzer: Quadrupole

Mass Range: 1.6 to 800 Daltons, unit mass resolution

Ionization Modes: (EI) Electron Ionization, (CI) Chemical Ionization

Normal Configuration: EI ionization mode

FFAP column: FFAP is designed primarily for the analysis of carboxylic acids, free fatty acids (up to about C24), phenols or samples that require quantitation of acidic impurities.  This column should not be used with silylating agents. The temperature limit is 240 degrees.


GC-MSD Manual