Safety Reminder – Eye protection / proper attire required in IMSERC

With warmer weather, please remember that eye protection, closed toed shoes and clothing covering shoulders a midriff are required when working in any lab area.  Users with open solvents/chemicals must also have ANSI certified safety glasses and lab coats.  The only exceptions to the open solvent/chemical policy are users loading X-Ray samples and when loading MALDI plates.

NUCORE to Replace FOM on 9/1

IMSERC users will need to begin reserving time and submitting sample requests through NUCORE instead of FOM starting on 9/1/2014.  To log into NUCORE, go to and log in using your NETID.  If you do not have an account, send an email to requesting account creation.  If you are in the Chemistry Department, include your group name with the request.  If you are in another department, send me the name of your business administrator so that we can set up your account.

Working drive to be shut down on 7/1

Users saving data to \\\working will need to move data off the drive by 7/1/2014 when the computer will be re-purposed.  Instructions on how to access data in IMSERC can be found at: .

IMSERC users are a very productive group!

Give yourselves a Pat on the back. In 2013, IMSERC users conducted over 70,000 experiments that resulted in over 250 publications in peer reviewed journals! Grants funding this work brought in over $30M in external funding during 2013 and over $120M over the lifetime of the grants. It is a privilege to work with you all on these important projects.


Congratulations Erin!

If you see Erin Quick, wish her congratulations on being named the NU work-study student employee of the year.  Erin has been working in the X-Ray lab in IMSERC for the last 2 years.  She has given tours of the lab to WCAS Deans, assists with running powder X-Ray diffraction samples, manages the X-Ray data and was instrumental in setting up this website.

Thanks Erin!

Issue Reporting – Available on-line

IMSERC has established a bug/issue reporting form on our website.

  • Click here to report an issue with IMSERC equipment, instrument software , or the general facility.
  • IMSERC staff members will reply to issues and bugs with updates and/or known solutions.
  • Click here to view and search the submitted issue reports to find solutions to common problems.

IMSERC Announces Two Retirements

The Mass Spectrometry lab in IMSERC  is going through a revamp.  Two of our older ESI instruments (the LC-MSD and LCQ)  are being retired and replaced by two new Bruker AmaZon spectrometers.   These new instruments are Ion Trap Mass analyzers and offer about 3 times better resolution as well as MS/MS capabilities.  Moreover, on one of these new instruments, we will be stepping up chromatography and the possibility of separation, instead of just direct injection.

At the same time the MALDI-ToF instrument (also a Bruker) had its software updated as part of the purchase of the other instruments, using the opportunity provided and the kindness of Bruker engineers who were going to be on-site for the installation of the two AmaZon SL and AmaZon X  Mass Spectrometers.