NMR Manuals

IMSERC Manuals:

Data Access Manual

NMR Basics Manual

Vnmrj Short Manual

Ag500 NMR Manual

A600 NMR Manual

Other NMR Manuals

NMR Manual for HOESY

NMR Manual for Evans Method

NMR Manual for CPMAS

NMR Manual for 1D NOE


Agilent Manuals:

1) PDF manuals: For people who want to extend their knowledge on Agilent systems, here are a few manuals I think most useful: VnmrJ Quick Start GuideAutomationSpectroscopyVnmrJ Experiment GuideCommand and Parameter Reference Guide, and DOSY

2) Searchable HTML manual: This is the collection of ALL Agilent manuals, including instructions for setting up most of the experiments on our systems.

Bruker Manuals:

Bruker Routine Experiments

IMSERC NMR lunch & learn slides:

Solvent Suppression