Small Instruments Repair and Installation (SIRI)

Many groups are purchasing instruments for use in labs that have been historically in cores:

IMSERC can assist with installation, maintenance or troubleshooting typically at < 50% of vendor costs and with faster turnaround.

  • First half hour consultation free
  • After that, staff rates apply based on actual time spent
  • Groups specify maximum charge before work stops
  • Typical response is 1 day
  • Groups purchase parts as needed

IMSERC will also provide proposals to care for instrument for long term maintenance of equipment.

Past successes include:

  • HPLC Maintenance: Agilent requires degassers to be sent in for repair (~$3,000). Many can be repaired for < $100 and most for <$1,000.
  • Mass spectrometer moves: IMSERC moves for ~25% cost of vendor move
  • Vacuum equipment / mass spectrometer repair (recover down instruments with < 1 day turnaround)
  • Extensive experience with turbo pump controllers / mechanical pump motors
  • Board troubleshooting
  • Facilitization assistance for new equipment

To request service, email Andy Ott to schedule a service call.


NOTE: IMSERC cannot perform the following work

  • Decontamination of equipment prior to maintenance (must be completed by groups)
  • Hot electrical work
  • Anything requiring defeating an interlock or violating NU policies