Peptide / Protein molecular weight determination

BioPolymer Molecular Weight Determination

An Agilent 6210A Time-of-Flight LCMS system (resolving power of ~10,000) is used to perform an online sample clean up by liquid chromatography followed by electrospray ionization, high resolution mass spectrometric analysis.  The complexity of the raw data (due to significant contribution from adjacent molecular isotopes under each one of the charge state ion envelope) makes it nearly impossible to manually interpret the data.  Maximum Entropy algorithm is utilized to deconvolute the data into a simple neutral spectrum where each unique molecule is assigned a single Mr.  Relatively small biopolymers of up to 150 kDa has been successfully analyzed.

Typical Data

Below are spectra of raw data, deconvoluted data, and a narrow spectrum showing potential modifications to the macromolecule.