X-Ray Instruments

  • Duo

    This instrument runs both a CuKα microsource and a MoKα sealed tube with an enhanced monochromator to give a 7x improvement over regular sealed-tube sources. Good size organic crystals and small inorganic crystals with high absorption can be run on this instrument. The radiation source can be changed on the fly in the middle of an experiment, so a dual-wavelength dataset can be collected as one experiment. This instrument is available for student use Saturday-Tuesday.

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  • Prospector

    This instrument runs our brightest CuKα microsource, with a small beam, perfect for small crystals (~10-100 microns) or weakly diffracting samples. The Prospector is available for student use on weekends, and can accommodate small powder-diffraction samples for phase identification.

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  • Molly

    This instrument runs a MoKα microsource source with a small beam of ~ 120 microns. The Molly is best for very small inorganic crystals with high absorption or well diffracting organic crystals. This instrument is available for student use Thursday-Sunday.

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  • STOE_Full


    STOE’s STADI MP runs on pure Kα1 radiation (Cu- or Mo-sealed tube). Powder samples can be measured in transmission geometry and high resolution data can be collected for qualitative structural analysis. Additionally, dry powder or polycrystalline samples in solution can be measured in spinning capillaries or spinning flat plate transmission holders. High throughput options for both transmission and capillary (Debye-Scherrer) work are available for measuring up to 30 samples. Furthermore, this powder diffractometer has a unique furnace that allows in-situ measurements under any gases (e.g., corrosive atmosphere) as a function of temperature (up to 1600 C) or pressure (at least 20 atm). This instrument is available for student use all days.

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