This instrument runs both a CuKα microsource and a MoKα sealed tube with an enhanced monochromator to give a 7x improvement over regular sealed-tube sources. Good size organic crystals and small inorganic crystals with high absorption can be run on this instrument. The radiation source can be changed on the fly in the middle of an experiment, so a dual-wavelength dataset can be collected as one experiment. This instrument is available for student use Saturday-Tuesday.


  • CuKα IμS microfocus source with Quazar Optics
  • Cu beam size ~240 microns
  • MoKα sealed tube source
  • Triumph monochromator
  • Mo beam size ~500 microns
  • Apex2 Detector
  • Kappa geometry goniometer
  • Oxford Cryosystems Cryostream 80-400K


Duo Manual