IMSERC Fun Facts:

Founded: 1969

•  Total NMR magnetic field in 2013: 101T / 3900 MHz / 25,000,000x Earth’s magnetic field

•  Length of superconducting wire in IMSERC:  over 1,500 miles

•  Number Experiments in 2012: 74,000

•  Darkroom closed: 2000

•  Photographic images taken in 2012: ~5 million

•  Most selective instrument? You decide:

–  The ICP MS can determine metal concentration to 1 part in a billion (equivalent  to picking out a single person from the Earth’s population).

–  Mass spectrometry can detect a mass difference of 10-29 g

–  X-Ray crystallography can accurately measure atom spacings to 10-13 meters




Our IMSERC logo was designed by Chemistry major Torin Dupper. The logo features a spectrum peak and a shining beam of light representing the data we collect and the insights we provide for Northwestern Research.