Getting Started

Account Setup and Physical Access to Labs

The “Getting Started” process will help you obtain one or more of the following:

  • An NUCore account, giving you the ability to request training and reserve time on facility instruments.
  • A chart string assignment to your NUCore account, allowing you to bill instrument time in IMSERC.
  • Access to your Group’s data on the IMSERC shared drives.
  • An Indala Wildcard. That is, a Wildcard equipped with an RF chip, which in turn allows keyless access to several campus facilities, including IMSERC.  If you are not sure if you already have an Indala card, go to the General FAQ page.
  • 24/7 physical access to the IMSERC facility via Ground Floor and First Floor interior doors.

If you have questions about specific steps, check out our General FAQ page.

External Users

The presentations are only available on-site.  External users seeking hands on access should arrange training times directly with IMSERC staff.  For your first training, plan to arrive about 15 minutes early and watch the “Getting Started” training video in IMSERC.

Getting Started Steps

1. Watch the training presentation at and agree to follow IMSERC policies.  At the end of the presentation, you will need to submit the information required to setup your accounts.  The information needed will be used as follows:

Your Name
and NetID
A NUCore Account will be created for you. This will allow you to log in to NUCore at in order to request instrument training. You will receive e-mail confirmation when this account is created. ≤72 hours
Your Group AffiliationYou will receive an e-mail confirming access to your group’s data on the IMSERC shared drives. For instructions on mounting the drives, please see our FAQ below.≤1 week
A Valid Group
Chart String
You will receive an e-mail confirming addition of this chart string to your NUCore account.≤72 hours
Your 5 Digit Indala Card NumberIf you already have an Indala Wildcard, please submit the first 5 digits that appear above the magnetic strip on the back of the card in the “Indala Card Number” field at the end of the presentation. You will receive an e-mail confirming 24/7 physical access to the IMSERC facility≤72 hours
Your 7 Digit Employee IDIf you do not have an Indala Wildcard, submit your 7 digit Employee ID number (found on the front of your Wildcard) in the “Indala Card Number” field at the end of the presentation. You will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to retrieve your new Indala Wildcard and further instructions on how to gain 24/7 physical access to the IMSERC facility.≤72 hours


2. Log into NUCORE at .  Instructions to request training on each instrument will be in the instrument description page.

3. Check that your Indala card is working.  Outside doors to IMSERC are locked on evenings and weekends.  You can check you WildCard on the ground floor entrance to IMSERC.  The light on the reader for the propped open door will turn green if your card is working.

4. Verify that you can access your data remotely.  After completing the Getting Started training session, try mounting the following drives.  For more instructions on mounting drives, go to the General FAQ page.

Windows users, mount the following drives:

  1.\yourpislastnamehere (this is  a read only archive of your group’s data. All lower case and no apostrophes used )
  2.\scratch (temporary read write folder)
  3.\public (read only folder with software and licenses)
  4. Enter your netID as AD\netID

Mac users, mount drives by:

  1. Connect to server smb://
  2. Enter netID (AD\netID) and password
  3. Select the following volumes
    1. yourPIname
    2. scratch
    3. public

5. If you can not log in, wait several days then check to see if your group’s affiliation has been assigned.  If your group information is correct, change your net ID password by clicking here.