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124 Report a Bug Icon Missing from NUcore IMSERC Homepage Other Other

The triple microchip “report a bug” image that displays on the IMSERC NUcore homepage is not loading, although the link still works.

Aaron Rosen Open View
123 I cannot log into any part of this website to take training quizes NMR Software

I am trying to get training for NMR and I have been trying to log into the NUcore website but I just have a continuous loading page and it never brings me to the linked websites. I even tried to get the NMR basics manual but it wont load. I did this yesterday and it worked fine but now it wont work today. I can’t even load the NMR basics pdf.

Cole Fuerste Open View
82 Mass Spectrometery Training link not working Mass Spec Other

Mass Spectrometery Training link not working.

Ibraheem Rajab Closed View
81 Training form not active Mass Spec Software

Hi, I am a potential user from Douglas Mitchell’s laboratory in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The multiple Bruker MALDI-TOF instruments on our campus have been in repair for months, and we have high-priority samples we are hoping to run elsewhere. I wanted to complete online training at IMSERC but the website is broken. Is it possible to get this fixed so we can run samples at your facility? As this is a pressing matter, phone calls are preferred over email.

Thank you so much,

Patricia Blair, PhD candidate at UIUC

Patricia Blair Reviewed View
79 No Valid Payment Source Optical Other


I am an employee of Polyera. We use the Au400 for NMR daily, as well as other instruments infrequently. I was recently trained on FTIR and wanted to schedule time to run some samples, but I get an error that says “Sorry, but we could not find a valid payment source that you can use to reserve this instrument.” I was under the impression that the payment source was the same as the one Polyera uses for the other instruments. I am hoping to resolve this problem quickly and would appreciate any help you can provide.

Extended account expiration date.

Jordan Lopez Closed View
80 Broken Pestle Optical Other

While cleaning the mortar and pestle in the FT-IR area, the pestle slipped out of my hand and broke on the ground.

Pestle had been ground smooth so that it is safe to handle.

Jordan Lopez Fixed View
78 Remove Chart String from NUCORE Other Other

Please remove chart string 171 8237100 10007704 from billing for your core facility. Thank you.

Matt Irwin Closed View
77 I500 locking issue NMR Hardware

I500 is having problems locking/detecting samples. If you try to “Find Z0” it fails, giving the error: S/N too low, Z0 not changed. It has this issue with the CDCl3 standard, as well as with my sample.

Brian Eckstein Fixed View
76 Crystal needs to be cleaned Optical Hardware

Crystal needs to be cleaned

Kailong jin Closed View
75 HCN600 tuning problem NMR Software

I had a couple of problems. The first problem was when I tried to start a new study at the beginning. I got an error saying experiment is active, join another experiment. I joined another experiment and set up a routine proton experiment. I typed in mtune and hit start probe tuning… nothing happened. No lines, nothing came up after hitting autoscale. I restarted VNMRj a few times, logged in/out a few times, and nothing worked.

Yongbo solved the problem by reset acqproc. The issue most likely was due to too many job sent to VnmrJ and caused a dead looping.

Rachel Harris Closed View
ID Title Area Type Description Reporter Status Comments Edit