This is our MALDI-TOF instrument (matrix assisted laser desorption ionization – time of flight) for open access use.  The instrument uses Compass™ 1.4 for Flex-series. Both negative and positive ionization modes can be used on the same spot.  This instrument is ideal for biopolymers (proteins, RNA, DNA, oligosaccharides), organometallic salts, and many synthetic polymers.  The instrument can be operated in linear mode for larger molecules or in reflectron mode – which gives better resolution for molecules that weigh less than 4 kDa.



Analyzer: TOF (Time-of-Flight)

Resolution: Reflectron Mode >= 20000 Linear Mode >= 5000

Mass Accuracy: Reflectron Mode <= 5 ppm Linear Mode <= 20 ppm

Smartbeam Laser Technology: Frequency Tripled Nd:YAG laser @ 355 nm with structured focus


MALDI Manual