Optical Instruments


  • polarimeterpic

    A22500 AUTOPOL VI SIX WAVELENGTH Polarimeter

    Automatic Microprocessor Based Polarimeter Measuring optical rotation. The Autopol VI has temperature control from 15-40 C and measures optical rotation at 365nm, 405nm, 436nm, 546nm, 589nm and 633nm.

  • Bruker Tensor 37 FTIR (MiD IR / ATR)

    The Bruker Tensor 37 FTIR Spectrometer is equipped with an Mid IR detector and KBr beamsplitter for use between 400 and 7000 cm-1. Sample can be analyzed using the ATR attachment, a gas cell or by pressing KBr pellets. In addition to the Bruker software a ~50,000 sample library aids in the interpretation of spectra and identification of unknowns.

  • PTI Spectrofluorimeter

    Photon Technology International  model QM-2 is a modular spectrofluorimeter for recording excitation or emission spectra, synchronous scans, and lifetime phosphorescence studies. It is equipped with two lamps–a 75 watt Xenon arc lamp, used in steady state   measurements, and a pulsed lamp, used for phosphorescence or gated and delayed fluorescence measurements. The system allows for addition and subtraction of data, spectral correction and output of files in ASCII and binary forms. The instrument accepts 2mL samples. Excitation and emission measurements from 190 -900 nm can be performed.



Manuals for these instruments are located at: http://imserc.facilities.northwestern.edu/files/2016/10/polarimeter.pdf