X-Ray Crystallography


The X-Ray Crystallography Facility supports Northwestern Research by performing solid-phase, single-crystal analysis on a variety of small molecule samples such as drug candidates, catalysts, organic LEDs and energy storage networks.  IMSERC staff analyze samples submitted to the facility and offer training to qualified researchers to solve their own structures or collect their own data.


The IMSERC X-Ray Crystallography lab is located in BG62. The center currently houses three kappa-geometry single-crystal diffractometers and one powder diffractometer to meet a broad range of crystallographic needs. Each instrument is equipped with an Oxford Cryosystems nitrogen low-temperature unit, which is capable of running experiments between 80-400K.

IMSERC-XRD also maintains two high resolution, polarized light microscopes available for student use in the X-Ray facility. Our Nikon SMZ1500 stereozoom microscope is equipped with a digital camera and video monitor for visualization of crystalline samples. Users can perform visual inspection of their samples with these instruments to assess crystal quality. High resolution photographs can be taken and used for publications or other presentations.

A host of crystallographic software is available through the IMSERC terminal server and several programs are available for individual installation under site license agreements. IMSERC X-Ray staff are available for consultation about any aspects of the crystallographic experiment.

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