Useful Links – XRD

  1. Databases
  2. Structure Validation/Publication
  3. Manuals
  4. Freeware
  5. Crystallographic Websites
  6. Crystal Growing Techniques
  7. Organizations
  8. Synchrotron Resources
  9. Crystallographic Supplies
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ReciprocalNet -a distributed crystallography network for researchers, students and the general public.  All staff-collected data is available through Reciprocal Net.

WebCSD – The web-based version of the Cambridge Structural Database.  (Can only be accessed from the Northwestern internet).

Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (web version) – Database of Inorganic Materials (Can only be accessed from the Northwestern internet).

ICDD-The International Centre for Diffraction Data



Structure Validation/Publication:

CheckCIF – IUCr CIF Checking for publication-validation

PrintCIF – IUCr report generator





Olex2 – Webpage for Olex2 Structure/solution refinement GUI.

Cambridge Structural Database Freeware – Free on-line version of CSD with tutorials

enCIFer – CIF editor and graphics viewer

Mercury – Molecular Graphics and structural analysis (ties in with CSD)[AS7]

PLATON – Multi-system program for structure analysis

WinGX – Multi-system GUI for structure solution and analysis

JANA – Structure solution/refinement program for Modulated Structures

publCIF – CIF editor and publication wizard


Crystallographic Websites

Crystals@Otterbein – symmetry and packing visualizations and other crystallographic resources.

Symmetry Tutorial –  A PowerPoint based tutorial developed by Bruce Foxman.  An excellent guide to the International Tables

X-Forum – A web forum devoted to all things crystallographic.

2014 International Year of Crystallography

The ACA Summer Course for Chemical Crystallography



 Crystal growing techniques:

Growing and Mounting Single Crystals Your Diffractometer Will Treasure