Crystallography Services Offered

  • Atomic structure determination from either single crystal or powder diffraction data using X-ray, Neutron, or Synchrotron radiation
  • Identification and structure determination of unknown crystalline samples (coupled with elemental analysis)
  • Purity analysis of bulk samples using powder diffraction
  • Structure determination of nanoparticles and amorphous materials
  • Two-dimensional micro-diffraction of samples with small volume (< 1 mm3)
  • In-situ monitoring of reactions, structural/phase transformations, and/or decomposition (coupled with thermal analyses)
  • Crystallization and/or co-crystallization of new compounds

Steps for Starting Projects

  1. Set up and account in NUCORE:nu-users-account       external-users-account
  2. Contact an IMSERC staff member before initial submission to validate that your sample is suitable for X-ray analysis.  If this is the first time you are performing crystallography work, start a new project with IMSERC.
  3. Ship or drop off samples in the X-ray lab (BG62) in IMSERC.  You will typically be contacted within 2 business days with data or to set a schedule with you for analysis.


Full structure determination provides atomic coordinates in three-dimensional space that can be used for publication purposes in peer-review journals. Coordinates and other structural metrics will be provided in a Crystallographic Information File (CIF) along with a report which contains refinement details and references.